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OnlineInsurance.com provides a free and secure storage vault for individuals wanting to back up images and descriptions of personal property in case of fire, theft or unforeseen events. Individuals can also use the OnlineInsurance.com storage vault to share specific information with insurance agents. This allows consumers the freedom to choose which agent is permitted access to which insured property files.

OnlineInsurance.com provides this service so clients have a single location for their photos and descriptions of property when they talk with an insurance agent. This service eliminates the need to e-mail property images back and forth to potential agents and it allows the user a free storage system that is unbiased and not associated with a particular agency or brokerage.

OnlineInsurance.com is not an insurance company and is not affiliated with any insurance companies. OnlineInsurance.com is a storage service with a directory of insurance agencies intended to create a neutral location for connecting consumers and potential insurance brokers and agents. Individuals who use OnlineInsurance.com are responsible for taking their own photos, scanning their own receipts, and providing their own descriptions when they upload data to the OnlineInsurance.com storage vault server. In addition, OnlineInsurance.com strongly recommends that individuals keep their own back up of their property on a personal drive. OnlineInsurance.com does not warrant long term storage of property on its server nor does OnlineInsurance.com make any promise that information uploaded to its server will be without corruption.

Free storage on OnlineInsurance.com may be limited to no more than 500 items. Additional storage can be purchased from OnlineInsurance.com for $25.00 per month.


We provide you with free listings, information on upcoming events, and the latest headlines concerning the insurance industry.

Online Insurance is designed to assist individuals with documenting an online record of images and descriptions of their personal property in case of fire, theft or any other unforeseen event, which is covered by insurance. Online Insurance is a secure cloud server, which does not share information with third parties. Online Insurance allows individuals to store their images of personal property on an online remote server to provide a back up to identify personal property in case it becomes lost due to an insurable event. This online storage account is anonymous because each individual account is assigned a 20 character ID, which is used as the primary identifier for their online record in any communication. If an individual needs to insure items that are not currently insured, Online Insurance provides an option for users to safely invite insurance agents to view their items through a secure e-mail so that users can receive quotes from insurance agencies in their area. In addition, Online Insurance offers individuals the same secure e-mail invitation option to invite appraisers to assess the value of their personal property remotely before examining the property in person.

Online Insurance provides secure cloud service free to individuals desiring to store images of their personal property. In the event a password is forgotten, a nominal fee via credit card will be assessed and verification that the account in question belongs to you will be required. This is done for security purposes and only if an individual user loses their password. In the event an individual needs to have all of their image files sent in a compressed format to themselves or an insurance agency, Online Insurance will provide a compressed copy to be physically sent to the location of the users request for a nominal fee.

Online Insurance provides a directory of insurance agencies and appraising services. Insurance agents and appraisers may list their organizations for free. If they wish to include a banner ad, they may do so for a small charge. We also provide legal directories of attorneys, private investigators, consultants and many more that may help you in your legal needs. In addition, concise legal research is only a click away through our partner Lawsonline.com!

This site is growing at a consistent basis, if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at webmaster@onlineinsurance.com

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