Arbitrator or Mediators

Mediation is a process of negotiation between two or more private parties outside of the court with a third-party Mediator acting like a referee. This referee mediator is used to help the private parties resolve a dispute. Many mediators will create a formal process where both sides can present their issues, objectives and there feelings in a dispute. In some private contracts, the requirement to mediate first is written into the contract to avoid going to an expensive court proceeding. In other cases, a court may mandate that some private cases go to mediation first before they are presented in court. The mediator just like a referee can make a call or opinion for the parties that will affect the outcome of the final results. However, the mediator does not have the court power to make a final decision on behalf of the parties. There must be an agreement to all the parties involved in mediation.  



The First Step to finding a Mediator is to select the state in which you reside or where you wish to retain a Mediator. The Second Step to find a Mediator is to click on the city in which you reside or the city that is the closest. The Third Step to finding a Mediator is to look through the directory of Mediator and Arbitrators listed under the city you chose, and then pick the Mediator or Arbitrator who most pertains to your location. That’s how easy it is to find a Mediator or Arbitrator using Online Insurance!